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Knute Johnson ubuntu at
Tue Nov 27 16:31:33 UTC 2012

On 11/27/2012 8:15 AM, Linda wrote:
> I was wondering what list users would recommend for remote access via
> internet of a computer that does not have a static IP addresses. I
> noticed looking around that both TeamViewer and LogMeIn  support Linux.
> Looking for away to do the equivalant of ssh and ssh -X in a mixed
> compter environment where the client accessing the remote server could
> be either Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Windows 7 or possibly an ipad.  Any
> recommendations or cavets would be greatly appreciated. Now that I have
> modem access working for all necessary functions I'm thinking about
> moving into the modern world and setting up something that would allow
> graphical remote use at a workable speed so I'm not tied to text based
> solutions.
>                 Thanks
>                   Linda

I've used VNC with good results on the server end with Windows machines. 
  I've used one of the Linux clients to access it without difficulty.  I 
even use a version on my android phone.

If your server is always changing IPs, that could be a problem.  One of 
the sites where we used VNC had a cable modem and it has only changed IP 
once in about 5 years.  It was a pain when it changed though because it 
was 250 miles away.


Knute Johnson

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