How best to set up a separate /home partition, and pros/cons

Ric Moore wayward4now at
Mon Nov 26 08:31:56 UTC 2012

On 11/25/2012 04:54 PM, Kevin O'Gorman wrote:
> Oops.  If you really meant to use the same home for different distros,
> please heed the advice of others.  Don't do that.

Ramen! Data is just fine, music files, videos, pdfs, documents, stuff 
like that. But to retain old config files is begging to be shot in the 
foot. Again, that is why I make my separate partition to be mounted as /opt

Then I just link ~/Desktop to /opt/Desktop and Videos to /opt/Videos, 
etc. I do this will ALL of the prefab directories in my home directory. 
Then when I re-install it's to my root / partition and once done, I 
merely recreate my links to have all the personal stuff back that isn't 
release specific. I keep a copy of my old fstab in /opt to remind me how 
to mount /opt back. Then I edit my new /etc/fstab file to add it back. I 
keep my bookmarks to firefox backups and email backup in /opt as well. I 
just import them back. Since all of my java devel is kept in ~/Documents 
it's all still there once it is relinked. Piece O Cake. Ric

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