ubuntu: best screen+sound recorde

Roger arelem at bigpond.com
Sat Nov 24 22:57:26 UTC 2012

>what is the best screen(with sound) recorder available in linux/ubuntu
>years ago I used webex recorder and it's really small/powerful and stable,
>but seems only for windows.

> I have used GtkRecordMyDesktop and quite like it.
I used RecordMyDesktop to create 55 tutorials for our web system both in 
Ubuntu 12.04 and Fedora 16 with great success.
Some hints.
--Make your recording window about 2/3 or even half screen size so you 
have desktop showing. This will be the size of the final recording. 
There are other ways to set screen size but this for me was the easiest.
--Set your save directory, via the [Advanced] [files] [working 
Directory] button,  before you record.
--Put all recordings into a purpose made directory so you don't have to 
go looking for them. You may make a few versions of a recording and 
choose between.
--The Pause recording facility puts a popup on the desktop and this can 
appear on top of your recording window, it looks crap in the final video 
so make sure that after leaving the desktop space that it appears to the 
side of your recording window.
-- If you don't need pristine quality, set the sound and video quality 
to between 75% and 80% instead of 100 %, file size is very much smaller.
-- It saves as ogv with quite small file size. Windows machines don't 
natively read ogg or ogv. To convert to avi makes the file size 5 times 
larger. Some of my video tuts went from 9.5 meg to 52 meg after conversion.
-- Use Pause often, but be wary that Stop and Pause are close together 
and if you accidentally Stop, it will automatically start the render and 
you have to wait or kill and lose your recording render.
--After a bit of practice I recorded most of my tutorials in one go, 5 
had to be remade a few times due to complication. This was easier than 
using a video editor. I could do several recordings in an afternoon, 
test and play them then download and link on the web site. Very neat.

Summary: GtkRMD Is a great tool, I recommend it highly.


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