Formatting SD Memory Cards

Coll-Barth, Michael Michael.Coll-Barth at
Sat Nov 24 17:41:59 UTC 2012

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> From: Graham Todd
> > > >>>> Hey! Anyone know where I can get a good deal on an oil
> > > >>>> I am interested in swapping recipes, too. My dog scoots her
> > > >>>> butt on the carpet, think she has worms?? <swears> Ric
> > > >>>
> > > >>> Attension all personel!
> > > >>> Jerk in the area!
> > > >>> Beware!
> Ric and Gene, I'm sorry my enquiry made me look a jerk and I apologise
> for any problems which may have been caused by your letting off steam,
> and you're right I should have directed it to a camera form first.


No need for you to apologize.  Gene was responding to Ric's rude
response to your initial inquiry.  I'd rather have ten of your
'misplaced' queries than one idiotic response.  But I think he saw the

I've done both; post a question in the wrong forum as well as been rude.
But I have been trying to keep both in check.

Besides, you wanted to use Ubuntu to fix an issue with an SD card.  It
was quite relevant to this forum and I learned something.  I never
thought about older cameras not being able to read larger cards.  

As for your health issues, I hope you get everything resolved in a
positive manner.

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