Non-PAE kernel in 12.10

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Wed Nov 21 16:32:51 UTC 2012

On 21 November 2012 03:30, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:
> Apologies & you are correct (see my other posts). Found the 'deciding' memo:

I was going to correct you, but I see that you've saved me the bother.

Yes, the non-PAE kernel has been dropped altogether from 12.10.

I and quite a few other Pentium-M and Centrino v1 owners are not very
happy about this. OK, fair enough, almost all the other chips that
can't do PAE are really old - mostly from the 1990s and realistically
too old for Ubuntu (except possibly Lubuntu). However, the Pentium M
and even some Core/Core2-era Celeron chips - well over 1GHz-class,
more than able to run current Ubuntu versions just fine - are now

This was a poor decision, made by people who did not realise how many
recent CPUs, some well under 4-5yo, do not support PAE.

I feel that for people with >3GB of RAM, the recommendation now should
have been to go 64-bit, not PAE.

But /alea jacta est/. It's too late. It is now PAE or nothing.

I am wondering if I could actually create a PPA myself and build a
non-PAE kernel and put it in there. I don't have the skills but I am
sure I could learn.

Building the kernel I can do. It's packaging it & creating a PPA I
know nothing about.

Thoughts, hints and guidance welcome.

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