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Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Mon Nov 19 18:36:49 UTC 2012


I gave the missus a Nook Color a year ago for Christmas, set it up to 
access my AP here in the house & even bought a book at the time.

But then, since she uses the crossword generator in it more than anything 
else, I disabled the radio to save on the battery life, which w/o the radio 
can be a couple weeks.

But, I turned the radio back on, and while the nookcolor does appear to 
negotiate the WPA2-PSK password stored just fine, but then reports that 
dhcp is running forever.

So my question is, do we have any tools to analyze the dhcpd traffic and 
show me whats wrong?  AFAIK its working for my lappy, but it, from where it 
normally lives in the shop, would be coming in thru another wirelass AP in 
the shop, so its requests for dhcp service would actually be coming into 
what I think is the only active server here via the routers WAN port, not 
the radio.

There is so much to know about this its easy to lose track of the tree in 
all this forest of networking stuffs.  I suspect that somehow, in 
attempting to improve the caching of dns lookups on this, the main machine, 
and have somehow managed to have it issuing a dhcpd response that clashes 
with the intended server in this router/AP.

But I need to tool to analyze this.

Thanks folks.

Cheers, Gene
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