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James R McKenzie jimmckenzie at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 19 09:40:37 UTC 2012

I'm going to assume most of them use Window$, therefore the GUI that would look most familiar to them would be KDE. It has an on-screen button in the bottom left corner that the user clicks to activate a main-menu, and also has a run type dialogue on it as well. Don't get to carried away with adding extra programs to the server to do whatever as that only tends to make things more unstable. Keep it simple. Minimal Internet usage at all costs. As for others using the server make sure they understand that it's not a regular work terminal/station, running stuff other than the basic server functions on that machine can slow down the server and can even make it seize up.

Hope this is helpful.

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>Okay I'm hoping to get some solid advice here, after I heard that you 
>even advise on emptying anal glands...
>Ubuntu server 12.04.1 LTS
>Running on a server in a rack at some hosting company
>No physical access to the machine
>Some people need to get access to do stuff on there, but they don't 
>really know Linux, so I need a GUI for them
>The GUI will only work via some remote desktop type system
>What is the best to install on this system? I'm thinking of some light 
>weight no-nonsense window manager with a graphical login front-end, 
>something that transports well via VNC (or some other system that you 
>may recommend?). If it feels MS-Windows-like, that is a plus (because 
>the only users of this GUI will be the ones that don't know Linux).
>Best regards,
>Patrick Asselman

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