problem with cryptkeeper (2nd time)

Joep L. Blom jlblom at
Wed Nov 14 07:01:26 UTC 2012

On 12/11/12 15:03, Colin Law wrote:

>> Colin,

>> Thanks for the suggestion. I think I have a 10.04 somewhere as a vmware
>> guest and will try that. I didn't use a backup but the normal encrypted file
>> as it was in my home directory and I assume that an upgrade honours that and
>> doesn't touch files there.
> You are right, it should not be changed by an upgrade.  However, for
> the future, any file that contains important data should be backed up
> regularly.  After all a disc or PC can go up in smoke (literally or
> metaphorically) at any moment, or a user error can delete or corrupt a
> file very easily.
>> However, I cannot imagine that something in cryptkeeper has changed as the
>> version hasn't changed.
> Well it appears that something has changed or you would not have the problem.
> Don't forget to try it loging on as a different user.
> Colin
Well, Colin,
I followed your suggestion and fired up an old 11.10 that I had 
installed under VMware. And your suggestion turned out to be right. I 
installed cryptkeeper there, copied the directory that contained the 
encrypted file and started cryptkeeper. It worked without a problem and 
when I entered my password, Hurray!! I have my unencrypted file with 
everything in it again.!
Now I assume I have to file a bug for it as it is definitively a bug in 
the upgrade either of cryptkeeper - what I don't expect - or in the 
runtime libraries used by cryptkeeper and that is much more serious.
I have never entered a bug but I will try to do it. I assume it's not so 
difficult. You know how?

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