google-chrome causes failure in package updates

James Freer at
Tue Nov 13 21:10:54 UTC 2012

On Tue, 13 Nov 2012, Colin Law wrote:

> On 12 November 2012 09:29, Abhishek Dixit <abhidixit87 at> wrote:
>> I am using 11.10 64 bit
>> and each time I reboot the machine I get to see an unusual pop up which says
>> "An upgrade 12.04 is available" then it lists some of the packages installed
>> on my system and asks if I want to upgrade to get rid of this annoying
>> message I click on upgrade and after showing me it "seemingly" starts
>> downloading some thing and at some arbit point it says update failed and
>> asks me to check my internet connection.
> Are you clicking on the button to upgrade to 12.04 (don't do this
> unless you really want to do the upgrade) or the button at the bottom
> of the dialog which (I think, I have not got access to 11.10) says
> "Install Updates"?  This button will just install the latest bug fixes
> to your current version, it will not upgrade you to 12.04.
> I presume that you do have a working internet connection.  *Exactly*
> what is the error that you see?
> Colin

Like Colin i don't think it is a problem with Chrome. I have been using it now 
for 18 months? and have had no problems. I always install from CD which i think 
isn't what you are doing.


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