mailman transport map

Rigved Rakshit r.phate at
Tue Nov 13 08:10:18 UTC 2012

> I'm trying to follow this guide:
> It calls the script when a mail is delivered to a
> list.
> Associate the domain to the mailman transport with the
> transport map. Edit the file /etc/postfix/transport:
>      mailman:
> and am curious as to whether it's a problems that /etc/postfix/transport
> doesn't yet exist.  Should that file get created by a previous step, or
> it makes sense to create this file?  I ask because the wording indicates
> to edit an existing file, and I question how significant that is.

If the file does not exist, create it. Since this is first time you are
using postfix on this server, it is likely that the file does not already
exist since you have not created any transport maps yet.

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