can't connect to Internet - DNS?

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Mon Nov 12 09:43:56 UTC 2012

On Monday 12 November 2012 04:28:13 rikona did opine:

> One of my 10.04 boxes can no longer see the Internet. Just happened -
> has been working fine for quite a while. Nothing has been changed or
> updated on that box, or the local net, or any other box. It can see
> the other boxes on the local net, but not outside. Seems to be a DNS
> problem. For some reason resolv.conf [on that box ] no longer has the
> 'nameserver' line. If I put the correct line there, save, check it to
> make sure it is changed, and reboot, it is again gone. How can I get
> it to stay, and/or fix this in perhaps another way? And, why did it
> 'just happen'?
> In checking the net it is suggested to use network manager. I don't
> seem to have network manager installed, even though Synaptic seems to
> think it is. Do I need that tool to set this correctly?
> Thanks,
>  rikona

Are you perchance using dhcp on that box?  ISTR I ran into that, don't 
recall the distro at the time, but after fixing it 2 or 3 times, I finally 
nailed that by fixing resolv.conf and then as root:

	chattr +i resolv.conf

I expected something to complain, but nothing did and problem solved.  It 
is not a problem on the 10-04.4.LTS box and resolv.conf has not been made 

I normally have all my local address's in the hosts file, nameserver points 
at the routers local address, and order set hosts,nameserver.

I use dhcpclient only on the lappy, so the router, running dd-wrt on a 
Buffalo Hipower, is set to act as a dhcp server.

Cheers, Gene
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