another mail connundrum

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Sat Nov 10 02:45:13 UTC 2012

On Friday 09 November 2012 21:41:55 Chuck Peters did opine:

> On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 2:51 PM, Gene Heskett <gheskett at> wrote:
> > However, I just found, in /var/log, a mail.warn file that apparently
> > is being written to with every message I send, warning me:
> > Nov  9 13:53:08 coyote postfix/sendmail[14521]: fatal: open
> > /etc/postfix/ No such file or directory
> > 
> > One line of that for every message I post.
> > 
> > This same error is showing up in /var/log/mail.err also.
> > 
> > This is ubuntu-10.04.4 LTS, with just enough KDE installed to run
> > kmail and a few games and its text based launching menu's.
> > 
> > The sent mails go thru just fine regardless, so why is postfix even
> > getting involved?
> It has been more than two years since I was running 10.04, but from your
> description your are sending your mail from kmail to your localhost smtp
> server or postfix.  If I am correct and you want to stop the messages,
> configure kmail to send your mail to your ISP's smtp server.

Sending is via the same ISP I receive from.

> You would
> also likely have the added benefit or your outgoing mail is less likely
> to get flagged as spam by those receiving it.
> You might also notice other log entries for an occasional system message
> was sent via the program cron.

I didn't note any, just megabytes of that same msg.  And logrotate is 
apparently serviceing those logs, after the .1 becomes the .2, the nearly 
50k .1 gets severely smunched into a 2.gz, etc.

> Chuck

Cheers, Gene
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