Skype on Precise x86_64

Joaquin Nadal Dura ximo.nadal at
Thu Nov 8 14:24:54 UTC 2012

On 11/08/2012 02:58 PM, Mika Suomalainen wrote:
> Hi,

> On 08.11.2012 09:48, Joaquin Nadal Dura wrote:
>> Could you help me to install skype on Precise 64 bits, please?
> This is the method which I used:
> 1. Enable multiarch with "sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386"

root at hamspam:~# dpkg --add-architecture i386
dpkg: error: unknown option --add-architecture

But the file "/etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch" contains 
"foreign-architecture i386" and as I've read it's the same 

> 2. Update local package cache with "sudo apt-get update"
> 3. Download and install the 64-bit Skype.
> 4. Tell apt to install missing dependencies with "sudo apt-get install
> - -f".
> 5. Your Skype should be working now when you start it :)

This doesn't work for me. Are you using a 12.04.1 fresh install (not 


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