Progress on 12.04 (Was: Re: 12.04 upgrade problem)

Jim Smith jim at
Wed Nov 7 21:17:31 UTC 2012

Colin Law wrote:
> On 7 November 2012 01:32, Jim Smith <jim at> wrote:
>> Tommy Trussell wrote:
>> ...
>> Then it looks like 12Gb for / and 36Gb for /home should do it. That is if I
>> decide to partition it like that and not just install on all 48Gb and then
>> copy my /home files onto it.
> If you install over the top of the existing ubuntu partition, but
> select /not/ to format the partition then it will leave /home as it
> is, saving the need to restore that folder.  You should make sure all
> is backed up anyway of course.
> Colin
I have thought of that option and it looks pretty good, especially if 
there is some app or other means to clear out all of the leftover crap 
from the previous install. It was a much upgraded system that started 
when I first got this laptop, I think it was originally 5.10 or 6.04. I 
was slowly losing the battle to keep the space on the disk free. It 
didn't help that I could boot into Gnome, KDE, FVWM, IceWM and maybe a 
couple other minor ones as well. I think the new one will be 
concentrated on Gnome with enough of KDE base to run apps like Kstars, 
some of their screen savers and their very good CD burner.

Thanks for the advice


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