nmcli and 3g modem on ubuntu 12.04.1 server

Tom H tomh0665 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 10:29:49 UTC 2012

On Sat, Nov 3, 2012 at 10:32 PM, Nataraj <incoming-ubuntu at rjl.com> wrote:
> I have an old sierra wireless 3g modem which works fine on my laptop
> running ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS.  I originally set it up using the network
> manager applet, but am able to stop and start the modem using:
> nmcli con up id 'AT&T LaptopConnect (data cards)'
> nmcli con down id 'AT&T LaptopConnect (data cards)'
> When I first plug it in, it shows up as follows:
> # nmcli dev status
> DEVICE     TYPE              STATE
> ttyUSB4    gsm               disconnected
> eth0       802-3-ethernet    connected
> eth1       802-11-wireless   disconnected
> # nmcli con list
> NAME                      UUID                                   TYPE              TIMESTAMP-REAL
> Wired connection 1        4c06abb6-33a1-479b-9864-0b7c58425c65   802-3-ethernet    Sat 03 Nov 2012 07:19:57 PM PDT
> AT&T LaptopConnect (data cards) b153762b-1eb9-4197-90f7-0701c495175a   gsm               Sat 03 Nov 2012 06:05:59 PM PDT
> CUSTOMER                  74b7522f-a6e9-4216-b8b1-3af87adf0617   802-11-wireless   never
> I'm trying to configure this modem to run on a small server which has no
> GUI installed. When I plug it in the "nmcli dev status' shows the
> device, however it does not show up in the "nmcli con list" and cannot
> be started. I'm guessing that it is not configured into the network
> manager. How do I do this with out the GUI? Is there a config file
> somewhere? I have installed hal and added the device entries on the new
> server the same as on my laptop.

I'm not sure that installing hal is that helpful or useful...

You need to set up the connection. I've never used gsm on Linux so
this is untested.

On the laptop with nm-applet, you should be able to get the settings
of the gsm connection with gconftool-2 or gconf-editor.

On the server, make sure that "keyfile" is listed as a plugin in

Create a keyfile in "/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/" using
the laptop's gconf settings.

Change the owner and mode of the keyfile to "root:root" and "0600".

Use nmcli to bring up the connection.

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