New to Ubuntu 12.10

zongo saiba zongosaiba at
Thu Nov 1 12:57:34 UTC 2012

Greetings to the community,

I am new and back to Linux. I used Ubuntu version 10 but had to ditch it 
because of too many compatibility issues. I am back on Linux with Ubuntu 
Please be nice as it has been a while :)
I have an Asus N56VM and everything is pretty much working out the box. 
I am using this PC to do my work so doing some drastic changes and 
risking to loose all is not really something I am up for. I also tend to 
make a lot of mistakes due to the fact that I am not really technically 
savvy on that platform.
As you guys know already, this laptop is using two graphic cards: 
Optimus technology I think its called.
What I would like to be able to do here is use my main graphic card 
which is the NVIDIA GT630M. After reading many post, I understand that 
the Optimus technology is not really supported by Linux kernel; is there 
a way to make it simple and tell my system to just run with the NVIDIA 
and not the Intel HD 4000 ? Until we get full support on Linux:)

What I did up to now (based on many posts out there)
# sudo apt-get install linux-headers
# sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic
# sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings
Then blacklisted the nouveau drivers. The NVIDIA was using the nouveau 
Rebooted -> Got a black screen completely. Tried to get a tty with 
alt+ctrl+f1 but still black screen
# Ran nvidia-xconfig and got mixed results. Sometimes i got resolution 
that i could not use: Went and modified the resolution ´1910*1080´ in my 
xorg.conf rebooted and got a back screen. Could not get a tty again. I 
had to reinstall the system.

I tried to use bumblebee hack but still got a blackscreen and again 
could not get a tty

I decided to use the NVIDIA drivers from their website. Downloaded the 
drivers. Killed lightDM and started installing the drivers in console 
mode. NVIDIA drivers installed successfully. modified the xorg.conf 
file. I rebooted to a blackscreen without the possibility of getting to 
a tty. I had to reinstall again.

Now the system is pretty much stable. I have not installed any drivers 
at all. I only blacklisted the nouveau drivers as the system runs much 
better without those drivers. When nouveau drivers installed, unit is 
very sluggish and wifi is not working at full bandwidth.
I seems to me that I am using the intel HD 4000 --> When I check 
´Details´ in ´System Settings' I see that my system is only running on 
the lowest of the two graphic cards which is the intel HD 4000.

I dont care too much about power saving. its a laptop that is mainly 
used as a ´not so much´ mobile platform.  Always connected most of the 
time :)
I care about using the NVIDIA Graphic Card mainly for HD videos and some 

Thank you guys for all

zongo saiba

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