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Linda haniganwork at
Sat Mar 31 21:41:08 UTC 2012

> I followed your instructions but still Windows 7 does not see the Linux
> machines.  All the Linux machines have a name
> and a designation like However, the Windows 7 machines
> don't have these static addresses as they automatically
> DHCP starting at So maybe I have to specifically make
> these static addresses available to the Windosw 7
> machines. I had to do this for XP. Except with XP I gave both the
> Windows XP machines as well as the Linux machines these static addresses
> and I had to put the names and static addresses in the system directory
> where there were two files one called HOSTS and another called LMHOSTS.
> Maybe MS still requiers something like that.  What do you think?
> Thanks -- Ted

I actually could see one of my ubuntu machines without HOSTS 
and LMHOSTS but not the others,
no idea why. I created the HOSTS and LMHOSTS files in 
Windows 7 and I think had to restart the machine to see the
rest of the ubuntu machines on the network so I would 
definitely try creating these files and assigning a static 
ip address
to the machines. At least to trouble shoot and see if you 
can get it working that way. I can't tell you how to make it 
with DHCP as I assign static addresses to all my machines, 
but if you get it working with static ip addresses then you can
move onto working with DHCP.
       Also make sure your Windows 7 machine does not have a 
firewall setting that is blocking your networking. Again a fast
way to trouble shoot is to disconnect the network from the 
internet and turn off the firewall on the Windows 7 machine 
that way
you will know if it is the problem.
Good Luck

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