Which kernel is best for AMD C60?

Art Edwards edwardsa at icantbelieveimdoingthis.com
Sat Mar 31 06:57:58 UTC 2012

I have installed oneiric on an Acer Aspire 1 with amd dual core c60
processor. The kernel chosen automatically during install is a -pae
version. I thought that pae was "physical address extension" that is
special hardware that allows a 32 bit processor to access a 64 bit
address space. When I look on the web for information about the
processor, the spec's say it is a 64 bit processor. So, did the
installer choose the correct kernel? I'm having major stability issues--
the system often freezes on the login screen, requiring a hard shutoff
and reboot. I'm wondering if this is a symptom of the wrong kernel.

Art Edwards

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