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Fri Mar 30 14:05:54 UTC 2012

On 03/29/2012 09:11 PM, Ted Hilts wrote:
> <snip>. The second problem is that Windows 7 notebook can't see any of
> my Linux machines and that includes the Ubuntu machines. I know I am not
> winning any friends here but does any one have any ideas?
> Thanks--Ted

What are you trying to do with windows 7 and Ubuntu. I have 
Windows 7 and Ubuntu LTS 10.04.4 both on my home and work 
networks. They share printers and file systems both 
directions using samba.  I do assign private ip addresses 
for all my computers and use a wired ethernet connection.  
Have you set up the computer name and workgroup on the 
windows 7 machine, did you make sure the user name and 
passwords are correct so they match what you have set up for 
samba?  Did you set up TCP/IPv4 on the windows 7 machine? 
Did you put a host file on the Windows 7 machine? (not sure 
if you still need this but you did with XP so I created them 
on Windows 7)   I assume you have the ubuntu side set up 
properly since it worked with your old windows computer

Also to get ubuntu printers working on my Windows 7 machines 
I have had to use the ip address rather than the computer name.


      Select "Add a network printer ..."


      Select "Connect to a printer on the Internet..." and
      type in the URL for the print queue. It will look like
      http://server_IP:631/printers/PrinterName (the
      PrinterName is the same from the localhost:631 entry
      of your printer). Then click the Next button.


      In the next windows select your printer model. If it
      doesn't have the driver you may have to install it
      first as a local printer, when you do this Windows 7
      gives you a choice to get additional printer drives
      but when installing from the Internet it doesn't give
      you this option.  Then after you install the real
      printer delete the old one

Hope this helps

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