About postfix mail server configuration

Avi Greenbury lists at avi.co
Fri Mar 30 12:27:11 UTC 2012

jiten jha wrote:

> when i create users in mysql after that I am going for login in my
> mail server it is showing unknow username and incorrect password. 

Does Courier log anything about this process; does it register that
it's had trouble checking the password, for example?
If you try to send mail to one of the addresses you've
configured on the machine does Postfix log any errors in delivery?

Both of those will log to /var/log/syslog by default.

> do not want firewall so should i remove it. 

Generally you do want a firewall. That doesn't seem to be the problem
here, though. If the firewall was in the way you'd get an error about
being unable to connect to the server. The fact that your mail client
has been told that the supplied username and password were wrong means
it's getting through the file.

> and if when i create user it should be in home directory with it's
> mail it is possible .

In the system user's home directory? If you only want mail delivery for
system users you could have (and may need to) skipped a bunch of that
hassle. Linux systems by default accept mail for system users where the
left-hand-side of the email address (the bit before the '@') matches a
user's name.

If that's not what you're after you may need to elaborate a bit; how do
you want the mailer to translate from email addresses to usernames, and
what else should people be able to do with those usernames?


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