DLNA server - Mediatomb

Gilles Gravier ggravier at fsfe.org
Thu Mar 29 13:37:26 UTC 2012


On 29/03/2012 15:13, Sarunas Burdulis wrote:
> On 03/28/2012 03:08 PM, R Kimber wrote:
> > I tried installing Mediatomb, but synaptic said there were certain
> > dependencies that would not be installed.
> > Can anyone recommend a hassle-free dlna server?  Or is this a
> contradiction
> > in terms?
> In my case Mediatomb installs and works fine for the last 4-5 Ubuntu
> releases. It may depend on some codec packages from multiverse. I don't
> know about Synaptic, but `sudo apt-get install mediatomb` would tell you
> exactly which dependencies are a problem.
> Sarunas

I love minidlna. Small. Tiny. http://sourceforge.net/projects/minidlna

And now in the repositories...

Works nice with my Samsung TV.


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