Wanted - lightweight program to play internet radio audio streams - especially BBC

Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Thu Mar 29 05:21:00 UTC 2012

On 29/03/12 15:32, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> Den 27 mars 2012 10:50 skrev Chris Green<cl at isbd.net>:
>> I'm having very little luck in finding a reasonably lightweight program
>> to listen to live radio streams, in particular the ones from the BBC.
>> I don't want/need any form of playlist, GUI, etc. I just want to be able
>> to feed an audio stream URL into the program and get to listen to the
>> live broadcast.
>> I don't want to have to run a browser to drive it either, ideally I want
>> a command line (i.e. no GUI, no need for X) program but maybe that's
>> being a bit too hopeful.
>> The BBC provides its live streams as .asx amd .sdp files/URLs, there are
>> alternative sources streaming some of them as .pls streams.
>> I have tried 321mpg - fails completely, 123mpg sort of works but not
>> very well, mplayer is far too heavyweight and vlc doesn't seem to
>> support any of the BBC streaming formats.
>> --
>> Chris Green
> I thought you could use mplayer for that, but I'm not sure.

As a side issue to this topic, only last week I was talking to one of 
the local shop owners about the crap music being broadcast on local 
radio stations and I told him that I listen to Country Music available 
to me via my browser - and it was totally free to me. He replied that he 
tried to do same last year but the first month's bill from his ISP was 
close to $AU400 because he was streaming the same Country Music and so I 
must be mistaken about that we were both listening to the same Country 

As it turned out, we *were* listening to same except that his ISP 
charges for downloads (AND uploads) so all his streaming was being 
charged for per megabyte as downloads. My ISP has this same streaming 
site, as well as dozens more, as FreeZone which is not charged for.

I suggested to him that he either changes ISPs or gets himself, like I 
have, a dvb card because the same music is also broadcast on a digital 
TV channel (which is also, of course, here at least, totally free).


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