Wanted - lightweight program to play internet radio audio streams - especially BBC

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Tue Mar 27 10:23:19 UTC 2012

On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 12:12:16PM +0200, Bas Roufs wrote:
>    Hello Chris and Everybody
>    2012/3/27 Chris Green <[1]cl at isbd.net>
>      I'm having very little luck in finding a reasonably lightweight program
>      to listen to live radio streams, in particular the ones from the BBC.
>      I don't want/need any form of playlist, GUI, etc. I just want to be able
>      to feed an audio stream URL into the program and get to listen to the
>      live broadcast.
>    With BBC I have similar bad experiences.

Well I have found a solution, it's called radiotray, works perfectly
with the BBC .asx live streams.  

>      I don't want to have to run a browser to drive it either, ideally I want
>      a command line (i.e. no GUI, no need for X) program but maybe that's
>      being a bit too hopeful.
>      The BBC provides its live streams as .asx amd .sdp files/URLs, there are
>      alternative sources streaming some of them as .pls streams.
>    .pls streams work well in Amarok and VLC. Where did you find them?
I found them by searching in Google for "url for bbc radio 4 live stream"

One of the hits is http://www.listenlive.eu/uk.html which has .pls
streams for BBC stations.

Chris Green

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