UEFI on Ubuntu

Kaj Haulrich kaj.haulrich at adslhome.dk
Mon Mar 26 20:56:42 UTC 2012

On 03/26/2012 09:07 PM, Marcos Barbosa wrote:
>> Marcos, those are not necessarily partitions, just mount-points. If you
>> create a partition for EFI  (sda1 - 200MB), the installer will create those
>> mount-points for you.
> How i create this partition? Inside partman during the installation?
> If yes, the system detect the partition and configure automatically?

Well, the installation process did that during the partitioning in my 
case, but I used the ordinary 64-bit CD-iso , not the 'alternate' one. I 
have no use for that since I only encrypt my /home partition, not the 
entire disk.

BTW I'm not sure what you mean by 'partman', but I guess you mean the 
partitioning during installation. I always use 'manual' - not the 
automated options. Then you can delete, create, resize partitions and 
set mount-points to your hearts content, including the EFI.

Kaj Haulrich.
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