UEFI on Ubuntu

Kaj Haulrich kaj.haulrich at adslhome.dk
Mon Mar 26 11:52:11 UTC 2012

On 03/26/2012 01:09 PM, Marcos Barbosa wrote:
> How do I force partman to particionate HD like EFI BIOS? I have a HP
> DM1-3250BR and support UEFI, but works with BIOS legacy as default (no
> BIOS option to change that). I like to try install GRUB EFI and see if
> works.

Assuming you want to install Ubuntu on the entire harddisk and thus 
replace Windows, you should let the partitioner create an EFI-partition 
as the first one (scroll down the list of file system options) - For 
example sda1 (primary partition, 200 MB). Ubuntu will then install 
grub-efi on that partition. Other partitions as usual, for example sda2 
= / , sda3 = /home and sda4 = swap. Then let the HP boot from UEFI.


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