Motherboard change in 11.04

Johnny candj01 at
Fri Mar 23 15:59:15 UTC 2012

On 03/23/2012 11:14 AM, Reinhard Haller wrote:
> Hi,
> my current motherboard seems to have failure in the sata handling
> (increasing numbers of CRC errors on all disks).
> I want to replace the older AMD AM2 motherboard with a Intel z68
> motherboard.
> Are there any special procedures to follow or is this a painless operation?
> Thanks
> Reinhard
New CPU and ram too. If you get on board video don't have to get video 
card. Mite want to check power supply for enough  power. I use WD hard 
drives and they have a life guard too to check disk. Could be cables 
too. To go from AM2 to z68 is a big jump. I would at least do MB, CPU, 
Ram,and hard drives
Good Luck and God Bless Johnny3 65+++

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