Login failure after restart. Every time.

Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Fri Mar 23 12:42:36 UTC 2012

On 23/03/12 18:48, Ric Moore wrote:
> On 03/23/2012 01:33 AM, Basil Chupin wrote:
>> following which you can do either F7 or "init 5" and login into your
>> operating system.
> I didn't think we had those run levels with Debian?? Ric

To start, my apologies for just writing "F7" because it really should be 
CTRL-ALT-F7. Sorry about that (but your Mormon weddings-thingie 
distracted me no end! :-D )

Re the second part re "init 5", because I am not able to include in 
posts graphics I uploaded a scanned image of Run Levels which appear in 
one of my reference books when I first started to dabble in Linux very 
late 1990s. The image is here:



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