broken GNOME requires openbox

thufir hawat.thufir at
Wed Mar 21 05:48:30 UTC 2012

For some reason GNOME, GNOME classic and GNOME classic (no effects) is 
broken for one particular user.  The panels don't load correctly, so 
there's no way to logout.  (At first I used REISUB, but then thankfully 
found that you can enable ctrl-alt-backspace to kill xwindows:, glad 
to see that back.)

I've tried to get used to GNOME/openbox, but this (older) system gets 
just a little bogged down by the odd panel.  So, while I have LXDE and 
XFCE, I'd like to go back to GNOME classic (no effects).

'Creating a panel in an empty desktop

Right click in the desktop and create a launcher to execute "gnome-
panel". ' says:

However, I was looking for something like "panel1.txt" or something along 
those lines, but nothing in:

thufir at dur:~$ 
thufir at dur:~$ ll .g
.gconf/          .gnome2/         .gstreamer-0.10/ .gtkrc-2.0
.gem/            .gnome2_private/ .gtk-bookmarks   .gvfs/
thufir at dur:~$ 

Also, I suppose this might happen again.  Why would a panel sort of get 
caught in a loop and not load, but nothing else would work either?  
However, the account works fine with GNOME/openbox.


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