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On 19 March 2012 22:03, John Law <sgjohnlaw at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> Sorry if this is OT. I have ten PCs running Ubuntu that needs to
> connect to the Internet. I have to advise to buy either a hub, switch,
> or router. Which one is easiest to setup as my Ubuntu knowledge is
> limited?
> Is it true that I would need a server if I use a hub or switch
> (considering them as they are cheaper)?
> I already have an ethernet modem to connect to the device.

You need:

* a switch with at least 11 ports (for simplicity's sake)
* a router/firewall

Connect the Ethernet modem (I am guessing it is something like a cable
modem?) into the router's Internet-facing port.

Connect the router's internal-network port to the switch.

Connect all the PCs to the switch.

Turn on the router first.

Try with your original PC - check that the modem is happy talking to
the router. (Some cable modems are restricted and will only talk to
one Ethernet MAC address - you can't just switch the device. You might
need to tell the router to use your PC's MAC address, and ideallt,
give the PC a new one - such as the router's old one, which you know
will not be in use and is valid.)

If the original PC is still talking to the Internet OK, turn on all the others.

You're done. Enjoy.

If your budget will not permit a 12-port or larger switch, but the
router has 4 or 5 ports on it - this is quite common - you could use
an 8-port switch and connect the other PCs direct into the back of the
router. This is less elegant but it should work fine.

No server or config should be needed. The router should act as a DHCP
and DNS server and will assign TCP/IP addresses to all the connected

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