underclocking or CPU frequency scaling

thufir hawat.thufir at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 13:48:01 UTC 2012

On Sat, 17 Mar 2012 21:12:12 +0800, Choon Lin wrote:

> Hi
> Yeah, it's just that sometimes I have long compiles which peg the CPU
> and
>> bring the temp high.  You're right about the hardware solution, I was
>> just wondering if there was a way to throttle a particular process.
> Are you referring to using certain cores or CPUs for a particular
> process? You can modify the kernel to achieve that.

motherboard:  SiS-661GX
CPU:          Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.53GHz

Compiling ruby, in particular.  (I can't get RVM to integrate with tk 
properly, so have recompiled a bit.)  Also, for some reason thunderbird 
pegs the CPU when downloading messages.  Plus, the odd flash website 
(flash is such a hog it's absurd).  Generally, the CPU is at ten percent 
or so, or even less.

Since it's a single-core, regular type, old CPU I don't think the 
hardware is capable of the throttling you mention, though.


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