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Thufir Hawat hawat.thufir at
Fri Mar 16 08:36:38 UTC 2012

On Wed, 14 Mar 2012 14:16:51 +0000, Liam Proven wrote:

> At the time, Ubuntu & the SABDFL talked about adding "windicators" to
> the top-right of the title bar. This now seems to be revealed as a red
> herring - as not being the case and possibly an intentional lie to
> distract attention from what was actually being done.
> As to why the title-bar widgets (which I think is the correct name)
> moved from top right corner to top left, it was to facilitate
> full-screen mode in Unity. When a window is maximised under Unity, it
> loses its title bar, which is merged into the top panel. The right hand
> end of the top panel is already occupied, by the "system tray" - the
> indicators for volume, network status, the time, etc.
> So the widgets had to move to the other end.
> It's a fairly trivial change, really. I don't even notice it any more.
> At the time it took a few days to adjust and then I forgot about it.
> It may bother *you* a lot but do not make the serious error of assuming
> that because it really upsets *you* that it really upsets everyone. It
> doesn't. Some are bothered by it, some are not.

Hmm, yes it's trivial, but my gripe, if you will, is that it's a case of 
the straw that broke the camels back.  As an aside, if windows are 
maximizing correctly under Unity, then maybe the problem lies with Unity 
breaking from norms.

>> [quoted text muted]
> Various window managers over the years have move the widgets around.
> It is not an improvement - it is neither better nor worse, it's just
> different.
> Oh, don't be such a drama-queen! It's a trivial thing which you can put
> back if you want!

Which is one of my gripes, that it moved.  Sure, trivial, and a long time 
ago, but it's just one annoyance among others.

>> [quoted text muted]
> That sounds like you are talking about GNOME 3 Fallback Mode. Beware,
> this is only an emergency failsafe provision. You can expect it to be
> removed in future versions. If you want a GNOME-2-like interface, you
> would probably be better off with Xfce.

Possibly.  I don't recall why, but I remember switching back from trying 
Xfce for some reason.  

The main problem was that after installing in order to *get* to regular 
GNOME I had install gnome-shell.  Why not make GNOME and, depending on 
space, KDE, options?  There was no such option available. 

> Well, as I have previously explained, I have my own theory:
> It is to make a desktop that does not infringe upon Microsoft's patents
> on the design of Windows 95 /et seq/.
> This means removing the taskbar & the start menu as two high-profile
> items which were Microsoft original inventions and thus which it is safe
> to assume Microsoft has patents upon.
While I'd love to see that in front of a jury, I get your point.  I 
wasn't aware of that.

Ok, leaving aside the specifics for the moment, I would say that there's 
a fundamental problem with the DE's available out of the box for Ubuntu.


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