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Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Wed Mar 14 14:52:16 UTC 2012

On Wed, 14 Mar 2012, M.R. wrote:

> However, I *will change* my usage of the subject line if told so by
> the list owner/moderator, or if another participant points me to
> where the list owner has a documented directive that the subject
> lines must not be changed inside a thread. (This would be the only
> list with such rule I'm aware of, but I guess that's what a list
> owner has the right to do).
> M.R.

  first, you need to get out more often as everyone else is correct
and you are wrong.

  second, and more critically, you seem to be taking an amazingly
obstinate position on something that would be trivially easy to
change.  all people are asking you to do is use a new message to start
a new thread.

  that's remarkably easy, and yet you've already wasted countless
man-hours of everyone's time on this list telling people you don't
want to, for absolutely no valid reason.

  finally -- and you might want to pay attention to this one -- you
are rapidly blowing whatever good will you might have here.  technical
aspects aside, you're very quickly establishing a rep as a
closed-minded jerk, and that is not going to stand you in good stead
when you pop by asking for help.

  so you can take the easy solution and make everyone happy, or you
can continue to antagonize people who, some day, might be in a
position to help you and decide it's not worth the effort.

  your choice.



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