increases the fragmentation...?

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Wed Mar 14 14:00:26 UTC 2012

On 13 March 2012 21:42, M.R. <makrober at> wrote:
> Slowly drifting OT...?  Or maybe not.
> I wouldn't call it "fragmentation", as long as the same application
> binary (from the same repository) will continue to work in the
> "Ubuntu group" of Debian-based distributions.
> That is why, in the subject at hand, I am most concerned with the
> fact that some applications (Firefox) can not be kept from behaving
> in this "dismembered menu" oddity manner. As long as this just
> happens to be some Ubuntu packager/desktop programmer idea of
> "Apple-like cool feature" that I can reset, that's fine. But if a
> normal, Linux-wide, cross-distribution application (Gimp, Office,
> Terminal, Gedit, my mailclient, etc...) is doctored so that a
> configuration remedy described above will not work (or will result
> in problems), that would indeed result in fragmentation, most
> undesirable for all of the Linux community.

Um. Are you deliberately trying to break the thread into subthreads?
This is a standalone new message without a quotation in it, so I am
not sure what or who you are replying to.

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