What's supposed to replace menus?

Sonny Golovine sonny at tekkidd.com
Wed Mar 14 00:21:47 UTC 2012

They essentially became redundant. Now you can simply open up the dash 
and search for whatever you need.

PS: And yes, Unity is a desktop.

On 3/13/12 8:23 PM, Gerhard Magnus wrote:
> As a newcomer to Ubuntu 11.10 (from Fedora 14, the last of its line to 
> run without problems) I'm still trying to adjust to the Unity desktop. 
> (By the way, is it correct to call Unity a desktop, equivalent to the 
> old Big Two of Gnome and KDE?) I'm getting more comfortable working 
> with that Mac-like bar at the top of my screen and have installed a 
> familiar-looking taskbar (Panel Tint2) at the bottom so I can easily 
> switch between windows. But the complete absence of menus (except for 
> the short one I get clicking on the upper righthand corner) has me 
> wondering if I'm missing some basic difference between old and new 
> desktops; maybe not as big as a paradigm shift, but still something 
> different about how this sort of interface is supposed to work. Is 
> using some customized version of the panel on the left, or else 
> clicking on the "Dash" button and then typing at least part of the 
> program name supposed to replace familiar menus like "Applications", 
> "Places", and "System"? What was the motivation here for getting rid 
> of menus? I can live without them, but I'd sure like to know why they 
> left in the first place!

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