DVD file size

Thufir hawat.thufir at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 04:14:16 UTC 2012

I'm making DAR slices with:

dar -c /home/gandalf/Desktop/thufir2012march03 -s 2300M -p -b -z -R /home/
thufir -D

I use 2300MB because dar is so CPU intensive anything larger might cause 
overheating on this system.  I'm taking two such files and burning them 
to generic DVD-R media via an external DVD+-RW drive.  However, I get a 
warning about ISO 9660:

"Empirical tests with a 4.2 GB fragmented file on a DVD media have shown 
that Microsoft Windows XP supports this, while Mac OS X (as of 10.4.8) 
does not handle this case properly. In the case of Mac OS X, the driver 
appears not to support file fragmentation at all (i.e. it only supports 
ISO 9660 Level 2 but not Level 3). Linux supports multiple extents.[5] 
FreeBSD only shows and reads the last extent of a multi-extent file.
[citation needed]"

Although I'm still looking into that.  Any experience with that 2GB limit?



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