Root password

Bill Stanley bstanle at
Mon Mar 12 16:21:05 UTC 2012


Is there any to reset the root password when the original root password 
has been forgotten?  One of my friends has Ubuntu an her computer and 
was trying to change her user password.  She got the root and user 
passwords mixed up and somehow changed the root password instead.  She 
doesn't know what she did and the important thing is that the root 
password is lost.

Of course, the root password is needed to install applications, run sudo 
and to di upgrades.  I know that there is no way to recover the password 
but is there a way to reset the root password without knowing what it 
is.  Without it, the computer can't be upgraded.  I could try to 
reinstall Ubuntu but many of her settings would be lost and that would 
be a PITA as well.

Bill Stanley

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