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Séamas Ó Brógáin sob at
Sat Mar 10 09:58:38 UTC 2012

M.R. wrote:

> Do I have any control over what specific utf-8 characters are generated
> for some specific sequence of keyboard presses?

Yes, if you make your own compose table.

(1) Create (or copy) the plain-text file /home/*****/.XCompose (where
    ***** is the name of your home folder)

(2) Add as many lines as you like with the following syntax:
        <Multi_key> <c> <a>	: "â"
    where the first two characters are the ones you type and the third
    one (in quotation marks) is the replacement.

(2) Enable this by adding the line
    to the file /etc/environment

This is necessary if you want your custom table to override the default
one. Unfortunately, it also makes Unicode hex entry no longer work. (But
there are alternatives.)

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