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Thu Mar 8 21:46:34 UTC 2012

On 03/08/2012 08:21 AM, Pete Smout wrote:
> On 08/03/12 09:26, Colin Law wrote:
>> On 8 March 2012 06:50, Gilles Gravier<ggravier at>  wrote:
>>> Nolan,
>>> On 07/03/2012 21:58, Nolan wrote:
>>>> On 03/07/2012 12:21 PM, Avi Greenbury wrote:
>>>>> Nolan wrote:
>>>>>> Talking about help. ???
>>>>>> May I please ask why I have not had any response on my problem of my
>>>>>> SD card reader? The problem still exists, and I have not been able to
>>>>>> fine a solution, except to buy and external usb reader.
>>>>> Usually it's because nobody here knows the answer either.
>>>> I thought about that, then reasoned that if that was /true/ none of you have a laptop
>>>> with
>>>> the SD card reader working in Linux. Here Ubuntu-10.04 (Lucid Lynx).
>>> Actually no. There are many SD Card readers out there on laptops. Some
>>> older models had very specific, proprietary, interfaces for the SD Card
>>> readers, while a USB-connected SD Card reader would work out of the box,
>>> the native, internal one would not, and likely will never, until
>>> somebody reverse engineers the hardware on your laptop.
> Just to make you aware when a member of my family upgraded his Sony Viao PC from Win
> VISTA to 7 he had the same issue with inbuilt card reader, we googled and searched for
> relevant drivers, but never found them (even direct from Sony), he solved it by finding
> a cheap (£5) USB one and we aint bothered since!! But it is not a Ubuntu / LINUX issue
> exclusively!
> No I cant persuade him to use *buntu dispite my best efforts he says 'I've spent too
> much money on software now to change!' which kinda defeats the object but each to there
> own!
>>> I've had this on a Toshiba laptop. Everything worked but the internal SD
>>> Card reader. I decided to get over it and use a USB card reader. Never
>>> looked back.
>> I had a similar issue and bought one from ebay for £2.65 [1].  It
>> handles several card types unlike the built in reader.
>> [1]
>> Colin
Sorry for not trimming, but..
Thank you all, for you replies.
After reading Giles, Colin, and Pete posts I will except the fact that "this" SD reader is
of no value to me, and will gladly buy an USB unit.

Once again thanks for the info.
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