Installing Ubuntu on a laptop that has Windows 7 and Linux Mint

Liam Proven lproven at
Tue Mar 6 19:22:23 UTC 2012

On 3 March 2012 06:21, Samsul Ma'arif <mail at> wrote:
>> > >> Also, I'd like the 2 distros to share the same "home" folder. By
>> > >> this,
>> > >> I mean that I want both of them to point to the same place for where
>> > >> I
>> > >> save my stuff (same Downloads folder, same Photos folder, same
>> > >> "Recent" stuff, etc)
> As i know, you can use one partition as one shared home directory,
> but you have to make thus 2 distro using different username.
> It's avoid conflicting configuration file between two of them.
> I'm afraid you can not point to the same place where you save your stuff.

You /can/ and it does actually work, but it can cause problems if both
distros use the same desktop.

E.g. Mint will write Mint GNOME config files, then when you boot into
Ubuntu, GNOME will look odd because it doesn't have the same themes as
Mint. Fix everything in Ubuntu then when you reboot into Mint it will
all look broken again because of missing themes.

And this is if they use compatible versions of GNOME!

If you use 2 different desktops, it's no problem. KDE and GNOME don't
clash, for instance - you just get some odd, non-functioning desktop
entries on the 2 environment's desktop, as both use the same shared
~/Desktop folder. Ignore them and all is well - I have done this
before now.

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