Re: Gnumeric (1.10.8) – how to save as a template?

Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at
Sun Mar 4 20:08:12 UTC 2012

2012/3/4 sktsee <sktseer at>:
> On Sat, 03 Mar 2012 20:16:26 +0100, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> [skip]
>> Yes, adding a document to the templates folder should do it, of course.
>> The problem is that I need root privileges to do that, which is doable
>> but not very user friendly. So obviously the answer is something like
>> ”No, there is no dedicated functionality for that, but it still can be
>> done”.
> I haven't seen it documented anywhere, but you can create the directory
> ~/.gnumeric/templates and place your templates there to pick from the
> menu list.
> --
> sktsee

Thanks! That's better, since no root privileges are needed in that folder.

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Johnny Rosenberg

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