repeated system freezes starting today

compdoc compdoc at
Sat Mar 3 20:04:57 UTC 2012

> Eliminated all add on's and problem persists.  Seemed better for a 
>few days but crashed twice today.  Added a kill option using hot keys 
>and that worked once to kill chrome but usually the computer just hangs up.

>I was using Lubuntu as an alternative and then it ceased working
>Windows 7 seems to work just fine tho I do not use it much, but this makes 
>me doubt this is a computer problem.

I don't think you have ruled out a computer problem yet. The more you
describe the symptoms, the more it does sound like a hardware issue.

You have to check the SMART data for the hard drive and have a look at:
Reallocated Sector Count, Pending Sector Count, and the Offline
Uncorrectable count. If any of those have counts, especially the Reallocated
Sector Count, the drive is failing. Each time a sector goes bad, the system
will freeze if it's trying to use it. 

Is the laptop overheating? Are there any known incompatibilities with Ubuntu
and your hardware?

Of course, if nothing is wrong with your hardware, then that leaves
modifications you have done to the system. 

For example, do you always install a proprietary video card driver? (the one
not installed by Ubuntu) 

What tweaks do you do after installing?

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