smil and mplayer (playlist)

Thufir Hawat hawat.thufir at
Thu Mar 1 09:51:05 UTC 2012

I was looking at playlists here:
format-survey.html  and like smil, but can't get the hang of it.

GNOME mplayer, which is all I'm interested in using, opens the .pls 
and .m3u playlists fine, but neither of those support metadata, which, 
being xml, smil does.  Samples:

thufir at tleilax:~/Music$ 
thufir at tleilax:~/Music$ cat foo.m3u 



thufir at tleilax:~/Music$ 
thufir at tleilax:~/Music$ cat foo.smil 
<root-layout width='320' height='160' background-color='#ffffff' />
<region id='logo' left='0' top='0' width='320' height='160' z-index='1' />

<audio id='audio1' xsrc='
<img xsrc='' />

<audio id='audio2' xsrc='
<img xsrc='' />


thufir at tleilax:~/Music$ 

Specifically, what I want is to populate the "artist" and "album" fields 
which GNOME mplayer displays, so that, in a list of internet radio 
stations, I can see what's what.  I'm only interested in GNOME mplayer.



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