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Thu Mar 1 00:03:08 UTC 2012

On 02/29/2012 07:47 AM, James wrote:
> Rashkae<ubuntu<at>>  writes:
>> On a reasonably well tuned system, Swap should almost only be used to
>> quietly swap out (and sometimes in) rarely used bits of memory in the
>> background.  If your page file is being hit so hard that performance if
>> even an issue, you have another problem that needs fixing with either
>> $20 of memory and/or some adjustment of the 'swapinness' knob.
> You are correct, from the multitude knowlegable folks I have
> talked to.
> In fact for my needs, it's going to be a all RAID1 install
> 2 identical 2TB disks with only boot / and swap. If you do
> not set up the swap as raid1, a failure therein will being the
> workstation down. Besides, swap performance on a properly configured
> workstation is not a significant issue; i.e. it is only used when
> installing large packages or working on files larger than the
> ram capacity, mostly. Occationally, poorly design software
> hogs ram and thus depends too much on swap.
> I'm new to Ubuntu, not Linux (old Gentooer). Gentoo's documentation
> for Grub-2, GPT, mdadm, etc etc, sucks and is massively out of
> date. I'm looking to use Ubuntu to discover a direct, well documented
> path to setting up many workstations with boot/root/swap on dual
> HD all with RAID1 one. In this day and age, such should be automated
> or a custom install iso, methinks.
> Lots of gentoo folks use raid, nobody wants to clean up the
> documentation in lieu of the recent changes on to setting up raid.
> Ubuntu's alternate-11.10.iso, which I believe is the only media to set up
> a raid1 workstation, defaults to a single partition and is mostly
> geared to putting the RAID1 workstation onto an existing system
> and just using one (dual) partition for the raid 1. Then again,
> I'm new to Ubuntu so I'm sure I do not know all of the installation
> nuances for what I need...
> Many smart (gentoo) users have said to just use the ubuntu install
> first and then put Gentoo over ubuntu; so that is what I'm doing.
> However, since I find lots of nice documentation on Ubuntu
> (I particularly like the Ubuntu.serverguide.pdf)
> I think I'm going to play around with Ubuntu and maybe
> build a RAID1 workstation and a few servers suggested in the
> aforementioned doc, and note the performance and ease of management issue.
> Gentoo sucks on installation, but is fabulous on maintenance
> and customization.  Using gpt, grub2, etc etc on Gentoo is difficult
> because there is not decent documentation.
> Ubuntu, just may have a place in my humble network..
> (as a side note, I see many folks form gentoo, in your
> archives...)
> James

I just went through this, James.  I created a mirrored RAID1 using the 
alternate installer for 11.10 with 3 partitions on each drive.  First 
the swap at half the size put on each drive, then one small and one big 
partition.  These last two I made be the physical volumes from the RAID. 
  Then I used the RAID manager to assign \ to the first RAID partition 
and \home to the second RAID partition. Done.

Now I plan on setting up a bunch of Hitachi 3TB drives into a RAID6 
configuration for the network storage and media server for our LAN here 
at home. I discovered that my existing power-supply (900w) simply wasn't 
enough for what is going into this box.  So a trip to Fry's followed to 
get a 1200w RAIDmax unit.
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