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Mon Jan 30 23:05:38 UTC 2012

Have you ever argued with a zealot?  Did you win?  Was it worth the battle?

These thoughts occur as yet another Ubuntu "crisis" lights up the blogs,
forums, and lists.

My $0.02; I like Ubuntu.  I love Ubuntu Studio.  It has provided a
consistent and reliable platform for me to experiment, learn and produce in
ways that I can't imagine I ever would have achieved with proprietary
software.  And it's done it all at no cost to me.  That said, I've also got
every official Ubuntu derivative installed in virtual machines AND my
laptop also boots Windows 7 and OSX.

So why is 90% of my computing use on Ubuntu?  Because the benefits far
outweigh the problems.

Freedom matters.  Choice matters.  The day Ubuntu no longer meets my needs,
I KNOW I can switch to something else.  Unlike a divorce, no court order
will be required, no spousal maintenance need be provided.  Until then, I
will happily enjoy tweaking my settings, changing things around, changing
them back, breaking/fixing things and putting out content that I've enjoyed

Final thought: there's enough wrong, questionable or deficient to have some
fine debates, yet the most lively discussion seems to focus on
comparatively trivial Ubuntu issues that can literally be addresses in
seconds.  Don't like left hand buttons?  Switch 'em back!  (Total cost: 60
seconds).  Don't like the Ubuntu default UI?  Switch!  Too much trouble?
 Try K/L/Xubuntu!

Don't like ANYTHING about Ubuntu?  Do yourself a favor.  Find an OS flavor
that you like, install it and *WHEN *it changes, rant away - elsewhere, if
you please.

Like my dad used to say, "It's free advice and worth every penny!"
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