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Sat Jan 28 05:24:07 UTC 2012

On 28 January 2012 03:56, Francesco Principe
<francesco.principe at> wrote:
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*puts on list moderator's hat to avoid any possible confusion*

Thank you for your flattery of our user base in acknowledging their
expert nature. I would like to refer you to the list FAQ at which should give you a
better understanding of what this list is actually for.

This list is specifically for users who are wanting to obtain
technical support from other volunteers who donate their time to
assist other users in the mailing list format.

Also, for the other users responding to the original email, please
also remember this list is not for off topic banter. Please realise
that when you hit "reply" it goes to nearly 5000 users who do not all
need to know what particular articles of clothing you like wearing or
you like to see on others. It has been mentioned several times in the
past that is a place where you
can carry on your off topic conversations with those users who also
opt-in to random emails non related to technical support.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please do like the FAQ states,
contact ubuntu-users-owner at for further assistance.


Jared Norris JP(Qual) BBehSc(Psych)

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