video problems in Ubuntu

Douglas Pollard dougpol1 at
Thu Jan 19 14:19:50 UTC 2012

On 01/18/2012 10:51 PM, NoOp wrote:
> On 01/16/2012 01:48 PM, Douglas Pollard wrote:
>> A little off topic.  The video is berkl line in 1927 with no sound. I
>> hae an elderly man almost 100 years old I put it on his daughters xp
>> machine and he is watching it and doing a voice over in German and
>> English and saving it so I can put it on the video. Its a great silent
>> movie I have some really fine music in the public domain for it and am
>> very excited about it.  This is really important to me.  I plan to put
>> it on Vimeo and Youtube ether in the public domain or creative commons.
>> There may not be anyone else left in the world that can remebr where and
>> what the scenes in the movie are and narriate it in both
>> languages.                                 Doug
> ...
> This one?
Yes that is the video.  I have an old fellow who is narrating it.  He 
recognizes a lot of what is on the video so can describe it I both 
German and English.  It is a great historic piece and I would like to 
put it all together. People who are old enough and lived there are very 
few now. So from my point of view it is kind of important that it be 
done.             Doug

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