Ipod touch not synching correctly

AV3 arvimide at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 18 15:19:11 UTC 2012

On Jan/18/2012 2:0757 AM, G. wrote:
> I've got an ipod touch 4g and it will read the ipod and play music
> that's on the ipod using Banshee.  I synced from Banshee and had it
> delete everything on the ipod and replaced it with what was on the
> computer but would not play.  The next time I tried to use the ipod
> with Banshee I got an error 15 message ( I think but I may not have
> that right) , the fix for which I found and implemented successfully.
> I am using Ubuntu 11.10.  4g ipod touch 32gig.  Banshee 2.2.1
> Any assistance would be appreciated.


Are you sure the items you want to put on the iPod are in a format the 
iPod recognizes and plays? As far as I know, iPods play aif, mp3, and 
m4a files.

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