fresh install ---blooming DVD drive not recognized AGAIN <SOLVED> now broken again.

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Wed Jan 18 01:16:52 UTC 2012

On 18/01/12 11:19, Ric Moore wrote:
> On 01/17/2012 06:45 PM, Johnny wrote:
>> Will 11.10 support a floppy? You will have to mount it if it does. If it
>> is so old it doesn't have a usb port you should probably call it dead.
>> Good Luck and God Bless Johnny3 65++
>> On 01/17/2012 05:36 PM, Ric Moore wrote:
>>> On 01/17/2012 05:06 AM, Colin Law wrote:
>>>> On 17 January 2012 06:50, Ric Moore<wayward4now at> wrote:
>>>>> It went into Dead Parrot Mode again. When I first fired up, it ran
>>>>> "True
>>>>> Lies" like a champ. Then later it says it cannot decrypt it, but the
>>>>> True
>>>>> Lies directory is THERE in ~/.dvdcss !!
>>>>> Now, it won't come up at all. So much for Ubuntu TV. I swear, I'm
>>>>> going to
>>>>> become Swiss and learn how to yodel. Ric
>>>> With the problem being so variable is it possible that you have a
>>>> hardware problem? Perhaps the drive is on the way out, or something
>>>> on the mother board.
>>> My main board in for repair is an AMD. That's all I'[ve run for years.
>>> This is my first Intel MB, and it's given me nothing but fits. Any
>>> more of this and I'll be pronounced "king" for St Vitus Day. Maybe
>>> I'll install the 3/1 inch floppy drive and flash this thing, just for
>>> ducks. The DVD player fired up "Dick Tracy and Nancy Drew" like a
>>> champ. Yeah... don't say it, although they don't make 'em like Nancy
>>> anymore. :) But it really hates Arnold and Hogwarts. If it won't play
>>> Monty Python, Ill take a hammer to it. Will 11.10 support a floppy?? 
>>> Ric
> Now it won't fire up Nancy Drew! I checked everything, all the 
> connectors are connected correctly. I checked the bios, no problems 
> there with regards to the drives. The harddrive is pin selected to 
> "Master", the DVD is pin selected as "slave", the 80-wire IDE 
> connector is set with the DVD in the middle and the harddrive to the end.

I would suggest that you use the CS (Cable Select) option rather than 
the Master/Slave approach. Using CS leaves it to the BIOS to work out 
which is which by "sensing" on which part of the cable the device is 
connected. You can then swap the darn things all over the place and not 
to worry about Master/Slave approach - which, BTW, is now politically 
'mauvais gout' :-) .

> The DVD sees a data disk, aoutomounts it with no prob. I just checked.
> I made sure that /dev/dvd /dev/cdrom and /dev/sr0 are chowned 
> root:cdrom. I am part of that group. Could there be another point that 
> the DVD could be set to other than /dev/sr0 ? The problem must be in 
> there somewhere. Ric

I have never had to add myself to group in order to be able to view DVDs 
(apart, of course, from installing all the codecs). I think what you 
already belong to is fine.

A few random thoughts.

Is your power supply OK? I had no end of hassles with getting the CDROM 
and DVDRW going at one stage and it was because one of the power 
channels in the psu went belly up.

Is the DVD damaged somehow or is it dirty? Is the DVD reader's laser dirty?

Is the Region setting on your DVD correct? Data discs don't use Region 
code but DVDs do.

How old is the reader? Maybe requires replacement? I had one reader 
which wouldn't read a DVD because the DVD had protection on it which 
went beyond the where the laser could reach it. In your case perhaps it 
occasionally strikes it lucky and gets to that unreachable sector.

(More ideas on application :-) .)


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