Thumb drive installation, minimum size

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Sat Jan 14 09:10:47 UTC 2012

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> > Yes, I suppose Xubuntu needs a bit less space. But IMHO the main
> > advantage of Xubuntu in your situation is the smaller memory
> > footprint which makes it less likely that the system needs to
> > swap. Swapping to flash memory (USB sticks are flash memory) is
> > not what you want because
> > of the slow write speed of the standard devices.
> Hmmm, good point.  Do you know of things that would be part of a
> standard install that I can safely delete?  By "things" I mean
> memory users that are not needed for my purposes.  Basically the
> only thing that this install will do is run the particular video
> converter.  So I'll never need networking.  But I don't want to
> break it right after I install it either.

The applications which are only installed are not necessarily loaded 
into memory, therefore it doesn't help your memory footprint to 
uninstall things. Just don't start any application you don't need. And 
it might help to use a single colour background instead of a beautiful 
image. Other than that I have no idea.


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