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> On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 10:56, Cybe R. Wizard
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> >> Link to the site:
> >
> > I was excited about a new Linux option for learning until I saw
> > that it is video tutorials.  Count me out.  Give me text.  It is
> > easier to DL, doesn't take nearly as much of my time and you can
> > cram much more information into a /lot/ smaller space.
> Not a bad idea for a video blog with how-tos, but I'd be more
> concerned with the accuracy and overload...
> Accuracy:  in the example linked above, Ubuntu has no root password by
> default, so your title and some of the instruction are incorrect.
> You're changing your own user password, not the Root password.  To
> set/change the root password, you'd need to enable that for the root
> account.
> Overload:  Half of that video is about setting up a firewall and has
> NOTHING to do with changing any passwords, and isn't even mentioned in
> the description of the video.
> So there's at least one example (the first one I looked at) that shows
> a good bit of room for improvement.
> That being said, I like the concept, it just needs some polish.
> Cheers,
> Jeff
Please note that you are replying to Pop Horea, not me, although your
message is in reply to mine.  Perhaps you could fix your quoting?
That would be nice.  Thanks.

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